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Andreas Martin (50 years) is the "sow sawer" and the user of the Website. He is the area leader for the municipal forest of the town of Freiberg and discovered carving with chain sawsas a personal hobby. Together with his wife he operates his own forestry and agriculture company as a side line. His wife directs a facility of interactive forest experiences in the joint public and private forest ( and leads a brass group (Randecker Parforce). The great passion of Andreas Martin is to work large hardwood trunks with a chainsaw into life sized and almost life like wild boars. As a child he grew up with Woodcarving in the Ore Mountains, (Olbernhau) and in 1998 he discovered the chainsaws as his own carving knife. The starting point was the visit at the forestry partner office in Bad -Mergentheim (Baden Wuerttemberg). There, wild pigs created with a chainsaw by forestry master Martin Wagner for an exhibition called for imitating. As an apprentice and later as a student had already carved many sows with a carving iron , and it didn't take much to attempt the carving with a chainsaw. The primitive character of the blackgame encourages the design possibilities with a chainsaw and so originates one piece after the other.


you can reach the "Sow-sawer as follows:
A. Martin
Gutsweg 2a
09619 Mulda bei Freiberg in Sachsen
Phone +0049/ 37320/ 83969
Fax +0049/ 37320/ 83968
mobil +0049/173 372 4009